Monday, April 03, 2006

Speaking of Political Kissers 

I know I've been a little hard on the atrocious political kissing skills of Amir Peretz and Ismail Haniyeh recently.

So I want to rectify that with a positive look at the fading art of political kissing, and give a little credit to an Israeli politician who could probably provide his peers with a few choice pointers on the subject. If I were to open a Hall of Fame for Political Kissing, this kiss by Silvan Shalom in the run up to the Likud primaries would have to get serious consideration:

It's pretty obvious that, but for the surprising success of the Pensioner's Party in Israel's recent elections, Silvan would have had the mature female demographic pretty well lip-locked up.

Then again, Haniyeh did somehow manage to become a Prime Minister and even Peretz is in charge of his own major party, while Silvan's electoral success has thus far been relatively minor.

Maybe there's more to politics than good smoochin'. Or it's more a matter of what you smooch.

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