Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Warm...Dry Welcome 

I remember when I was in the first grade there was a period of weeks during which I went through one childhood sickness after another: Chicken Pox, Mumps, Impetigo -- you name it, I caught it. I was out of school literally for weeks, and it was killing me. Not just because I was really sick, but because I was a wacko who actually loved going to school -- at least until college taught me the joys of never going to class, but that's another sad story.

So one day I woke up and felt marginally better, so I begged my mom to drive me to school until she finally relented. I was dropped off and managed to get myself to the classroom and into my desk near the back of the room. Just before class began, a new kid I didn't recognize sat down in the last empty seat in my row, right behind me. The teacher greeted us and then introduced the new student, whose name for some strange reason I just can't remember. The teacher asked us all to turn around and give her a warm welcome.

So I turned around with the rest of the students and vomited on her desk.

Oh boy, did I get in trouble for that one! Apparently I was supposed to do that in the bathroom, so after I apologized and the mess was cleaned up, I had to stand in the corner for a few minutes until my mom could come and drag me back home for a few more weeks of illness.

What exactly, you may ask, do I take out of this story to apply here in my blogging? Why, the importance of greeting newcomers, that's what! I was browsing around today and found a relatively new blog -- a month or so old -- that has a nice mix of humor and issues, combined with the good sense to link here to AbbaGav. So I figured I'd show a little hospitality and introduce Sunken Synagogue to anyone who hasn't come across it yet. Everyone say hi.

Don't worry, I'm writing on an empty stomach.

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