Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So What's the Problem? Palestinian Justice Can Handle This 

Haaretz reports on Jordanian demands in the wake of the murder of one of its citizens by Palestinian gunmen:

Jordan demanded a swift Palestinian inquiry after one of its diplomatic staffers was killed Monday and seven other people were wounded as a new Hamas-led security force exchanged heavy fire with gunmen near the Palestinian parliament building in Gaza City.
So what's the problem? Aren't Palestinian inquiries always swift?

If they Jordanians wanted to focus on a problematic area of Palestinian justice, it probably should have been on the famous revolving door instead, which usually administers only the slightest tap on the tuches of each exiting terrorist killer as they are freed, reminding them to be more careful next time not to inconvenience everyone so by getting caught. Perhaps the Jordanians should be requesting both a swift inquiry and a subsequent fatal whack of the revolving door to the killers' heads instead of the traditional love tap to their departing tushies.

That's probably about the best they can hope for as long as attitudes like these persist:

Television footage of the incident showed a Hamas gunman pressed against a wall firing a burst of gunfire across a road before a comrade fiercely gestured for him to stop shooting. A few moments later, the Jordanian vehicle, with a bullet hole in the windshield, is seen slowly moving down the road before stopping and rolling backward.
As long as everyone, from the Hamas-controlled Palestinian government to the global media and its readership, is able to refer to "a Hamas gunman" without howls outrage, there is going to be a huge problem in the area of Palestinian justice -- and the same was true while Fatah gunmen and explosive experts wandered the streets under a Fatah government's "watchful eye." Can you imagine how the media would report on the shooting of a foreign diplomatic worker by a band of "Likud gunmen?" Or if Republican-sponsored "George Bush Brigades" wandered around killing political opponents on the streets of America without punishment?

(And for those of you who believe this is already happening in Bush's America or Likudistan, you are welcome to go live in the greater safety of a Hamas-governed city rather than the justice-obsessed despotic hellholes you're trapped in now.)

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