Friday, May 19, 2006

World's Shortest Blog Post. Ever. 

[This page intentionally left blank.]

[NOTE: that line up there doesn't count because it's only METADATA, not actual content. That's why it's in the square brackets.] [Oh, and so is this.]

[You can actually do a lot in metadata, if you're clever about it and are scrupulous about maintaining square bracket discipline. For instance:
Top Ten Things You Can Do In Your Blog Post's Metadata
  1. You can put top ten lists, like this one.
  2. You can taunt your enemies. (I won't do that, but technically I could).
  3. You can write out lengthy treatises, holding forth on controversial topics and saying pretty much whatever you want because technically, IT DOESN'T COUNT.
  4. I think you get the idea. Etc. Etc.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot this: ]

[By the way, I'm sure there will be some out there looking to get their blogs a little Guiness Book fame and notoriety by copycatting this record-setting post. Obviously it's a record that cannot be beaten, only tied. But I don't mind if people want to ride my coat-tails to fame, so long as they include a link giving me credit for the original idea.

HA!!! That's another joke. A link wouldn't count as meta-data, get it?

So if you want to copy this post idea, you'll just have to do it without giving me any credit, which is kind of a shame. I need to invent a meta-link.]

[Does anyone know how to get in touch with those Guinness Book people? I'd hate to set an important world record and have no one notice. Officially I mean; obviously all of you noticed, and that does count, thank you.]

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