Thursday, May 11, 2006

Potfry Asks PETA! 

Have you been following Potfry regularly, like you're supposed to?

Well, just in case you might have missed a day, I thought I'd point you to a Potfry-classic. Potfry has apparently submitted a list of questions to PETA, asking for their advice on some tricky animal-related issues. Go ahead and read the first question:

3) My friend and I have a bet. He says that a goldfish will survive the puree setting on the blender, and I think it won’t. I need to win this one because I lost the "cats always land on their feet" bet. Anyway, we’re going to do a series of tests at each blender setting. Any idea where we can get some cheap goldfish?
Now read the rest of it unless
And read Potfry regularly. It's good exercise for your laugh muscles.

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