Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How Could I Have Missed This? 

From Weekly Review (Harpers.org) all the way back in 2002:

Israeli scientists unveiled their new genetically modified featherless chickens, which are supposed to be cheaper to kill, as they need not be plucked, though the naked birds have been unable to mate, because the males cannot flap their wings, and they are vulnerable to mosquito attacks and disease, and they fall down stunned if they happen to wander out into the sunlight.
But other than that, it sounds like a huge success. Now if they could just make them boneless as well as featherless the schnitzel industry would be overjoyed.

Hat tip to the anonymous AbbaGav surfer -- from Sudan! -- who found me via a search for pictures of these poor beasts.

I have to wonder about the state of the Global Zionist Conspiracyâ„¢ when some guy from the Sudan finds out about our Genetically Modified Chicken Plotâ„¢ before I do! Did I do something to tick the Elders off? What, they don't trust me? As if the moment I found out about some exciting new plot for world domination I'd just go and slap it up right away on the internet. As if!

Oh, and sorry dude, I still don't have any poultry porn, but thanks for stopping by.

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