Monday, May 08, 2006

Abdullah: 'Peace must be reached in 2 yrs' 

The Jerusalem Post reports that Jordan's King Abdullah II believes peace must be reached in 2 yrs:

Jordan's King Abdullah II asserted on Sunday that the peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians must be completed within two years.

'I fear if this short time is over and we don't reach a settlement that there will nothing left for the Palestinians to negotiate over,' he said in an interview to Al-Arabiya.
Conventional wisdom is that the King's "nothing left for the Palestinians to negotiate over" comment warned of the dangers of impending unilateral Israeli actions that could diminish future Palestinian territorial options.

Other analysts -- well, one "analyst" -- however, believes the King was making an oblique reference to Iran's nuclear ambitions. It is likely the King's belief that if no peace deal is reached within two years and Iran is forced to resist the scourge of Israeli existence with newly developed nuclear weapons, the big losers could well be the Palestinians, who would no longer have anyone with whom to not negotiate and nothing inhabitable left to not negotiate over.

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