Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Top Ten Things To Do When Blogspot Is Down 

  1. Check your site to see if it's back up yet.
  2. Check some other Blogspot sites -- who knows, maybe its just you.
  3. Take some time to help your kids get caught up on homework.
  4. See if any major bloggers say anything about the outage or when it will be over.
  5. Construct a post offline -- can't use links or pics or fancy html -- maybe a simple top ten list will work.
  6. Try to remember what you used to do when you had a few offline minutes.
  7. Check your site again.
  8. Take a comfort check of your site's statcounter even though you know that no one can reach your site.
  9. Think about opening 1 of those way cool MySpace thingies 4 a way kewl backup blog
  10. Get a head start on cleaning that grout or doing the dishes -- arghhhh!!! Blogspot where are you?

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