Sunday, October 01, 2006

AbbaGav's Blog is Moving 

You may have noticed that my blog was down for the last three or four days. I did too.

Although the problem arose at a slightly inconvenient time (with Yom Kippur approaching, and Haveil Havalim #88 scheduled to be here at AbbaGav this week), I took it as a sign that I've put off moving to a "real" blog platform for too long.

No longer. I'm opening up a new blog site, still the same old AbbaGav though. It should be a little nicer. You'll be able to get there using an easier abbagav.com address (The new url, www.abbagav.com, doesn't work yet as of this writing, but it should start working in the next day or so as the new settings kick in). But most importantly, I'll be able to post regularly again. Not quite yet though. I first need another day or so (not counting Yom Kippur which starts in a couple hours) to let the paint dry and get the new place decorated and put my name up on the door. Once it's ready, I'll post an invitation here.

Thanks for your patience while I get everything straightened out. I'll be back online soon. The first real new post at the new site will be Haveil Havalim #88.


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