Monday, March 06, 2006

Hamas Peace Jihad: Day 2--Invention 

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful
"...do not neglect the giving of free gifts between you;"
Press Statement

Nations of the world, generosity is a two-way footpath.

In this, the second day of our fundraising festival known as the Peace Jihad, we see your instinctive bias against us, and we are not amused.

Must we remind you once more how hard Hamas struggles to bring about uncompromising peace among all surviving men under the protection of our Islamic banner? How could it not be so for the Party of Islam, the Party of Peace? How can anyone ignore the many precious gifts Islam has bestowed upon you, for so little payment in return? So now, ask not what more Islam can do for you, ask what you can do for Hamas. All that is good has flown from Islam -- just review this list of our cherished Islamic scholars' most-noted inventions:
But we wish to make clear, this is not a merely reflexive claim of credit for every innovation in mankind's history, even though that would be justified based on the wisdom of the Prophet's perfected teachings. It is not our goal just to guilt you into a sense of generous gratitude in this, our hour of near-governmental bankruptcy. However, should you feel a certain sense of gratitude, and wish to channel your generosity in a tangible way, we would not condemn you for it.

However, in the spirit of open and full-disclosure on which we always operate, we must conffess there are a few things which we did not invent:
Please contact our accounting department for information regarding to whom you may make your checks payable. Your contributions will be most appreciated and put most promptly to good use. Operators are standing by now.

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- END -
The Islamic Resistance Movement
Hamas - Palestine
Monday 5h Safar 1427H

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