Thursday, August 18, 2005

Goes without saying, but it shouldn't... 

...so I'll say it: this latest murder in Shiloh, again a disgraceful terrorist act by a Jew, must be condemned. The murderer must be punished, that is, presuming his guilt is proven -- but at this point I don't think the second coming of Johnny Cochrane could overcome the witnesses, confession, lack of remorse, and further calls for the assassination of the Prime Minister. Again, despite our complaints about how the Palestinians fail to deal with their own, we must show that terrorists are punished, and not just by having their behinds smacked once really hard by the revolving door.

And this has to stop. The general public clearly condemns it, I don't believe that is the problem. But if there are segments of the community that still can't tell the difference between freedom of speech and incitement to murder, it's time they are taught.

Obviously there are wackos throughout the world, and not every murder can be prevented. One hundred percent effort is all anyone has ever asked for.

But I'll accept nothing less.

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