Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Didn't Take It 

Detective Yahoo and the Case of the Missing Cheese

'A few years ago, a fisherman came to us and said he'd found a piece of Boivin cheese at the bottom of a lake where he'd been diving. He took it, hesitated, ate it and told us it was one of the best cheeses he'd ever eaten,' dairy owner Luc Boivin told AFP.

Stunned by the fisherman's gastronomic adventure, the dairy, established four generations ago, discovered that deep depths are good for cold storage and water pressure accelerates the cheese aging process.

So the family cheese-dairy chucked 10 barrels containing the cheddar into 40 metres (130 feet) of water at the bottom of the 'Baie des Ha! Ha!' in the Saguenay region.

The owner asked divers to collect the cheese, but several searches Thursday returned empty-handed.

'We'll definitely find it,' Boivin said...
They should check local markets for a large, bulk purchase of crackers. Too bad they can't dust for fingerprints.

But I'm sure they'll find it.
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