Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Piece of Bubble Gum 

I thought I'd post a little bit of poetry from a rare volume I recently unearthed, a one of a kind actually. Written when the poet was but 12 years old, it exhibits such exquisite potential. Yet tragically this is the last recorded poetry we have from his pen.
A Piece of Bubble Gum

A piece of bubble gum will never die,
   It'll live on and on without a sigh.
Man chews it up and throws it away,
   Only to find it on his shoe someday.
I'm sure the world shares my sense of loss at all the poetry that could have been -- should have been. If only.

Certainly if I ever decide to write any more there must be some lofty journal that would love to showcase the return of such talent to the realm of the muse.

Or perhaps someone knows if Hallmark's Novelty Cards section accepts unsolicited submissions? No? Oh well, their loss.

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