Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas That Roared 

Oxblog has some salient reaction about the big Hamas victory in Palestinian elections, as the Palestinian PM and cabinet resign and Hamas prepares to take over:

It's not clear anyone wanted this, least of all Hamas, who in assuming the administration of the Palestinian national authority's creaking and often corrupt bureaucracy single-handed in a moment when its sole lifeline of European and other international support appears threatened, may just have stumbled into the biggest molasses patch the Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah has ever faced. Unlike the Lib Dems of 1985, Hamas did not go to its constituencies to prepare for government. It had prepared for a coalition, or possibly for pristine opposition, but not this.
So what now?

The mood here, so recently jubilant, suddenly is somber. In Ramallah we are promised a press conference at 7. Does Hamas continue to moderate in its now desperate need to keep foreign aid flowing? It may still yet form a coalition, to provide internationally palatable, unshaven [I think he meant shaven], faces for Europeans and Americans to talk to. Watch this space.
There must be at least a few "moderates" around they could prop up in front of the cameras and send out for tea and crumpets with the diplomats. At least a few. Somewhere.

(Hat tip to Larry for the title)

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