Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Love Muslim Boycotts 

As you probably know, (Al-Jazeera version, Newsweek version) the publication of a few cartoons in a Danish newspaper is leading to global Muslim outrage that is approaching Koran-down-the-toilet levels. In addition to calls for attacks against Danish interests, there is a boycott against Danish products.

Gates of Vienna is joining the fight in support of freedom of speech in Denmark:
The beat goes on. Defeated in court, but still pissy and hypersensitive, the so-called moderate imams from Denmark have been touring the Middle East, spreading lies about Denmark and how Muslims are treated there.

These sore losers, who don't blink an eye at practicing taqiyya if it gets them what they want, have now instigated a boycott of Danish goods.
Ironically, I love Muslim boycotts like these -- they remind me that collective punishment is indeed an Islamically accepted principle, so long as it is harnessed to a just cause, like protesting cartoons.

So the next time CAIR (the Council for American Islamist Recriminations, or something like that) cries like a crocodile about Israeli checkpoints or apartheid walls -- commonly alleged to be forms of collective punishment -- we'll understand their complaint is not against the checkpoints or walls themselves, but their underlying justification. It will be painfully obvious to all, or at least to anyone who isn't still sitting around waiting for signs of Hamas moderation, that they feel stopping suicide bombers from blowing up Israeli civilians is not as just a cause as protesting cartoons in Scandinavian newspapers.

I suggest we all buy some Danish products the next chance we get. Running this Buy Danish banner could also be fun (click on the banner to go to its originating blog).

Update: check out Lou Minatti on the subject.

Thanks to Soccer Dad for the Danish products link.

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