Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Saudi Freedom of Expression? 

Arab News brings us a story they've titled Freedom of Expression?:

Police officers in Alkhobar smashed the rear car window of a teenager because of an offensive sticker, Okaz daily reported. The teenager was cruising on Alkhobar streets proud of a sign in the back window that said 'I Have Your Sister With Me'. He was stopped by police and was asked to take it out. The teenager refused to listen to police order saying it was a personal right. Police found no way but to totally smash the rear window. A large crowd gathered at the scene and was clapping at the police action urging the police to do more to stop teenage unruliness.
No word on the officer's sister, although I'm sure we all pray for her safe recovery.

It's so lovely that a large crowd gathered to support the officers' right to free expression of their distaste for the unruly sticker. This is the way an orderly nation is supposed to operate, where the people back up the instruments of the state in enforcing the government's freedom expression at all times. Why, if my underwear labels weren't written in Hebrew -- banning me from setting foot in Saudi Arabia -- I'd be seriously tempted to go over there and express myself.

I'll have to settle for expressing myself here. I do actually get visitors from Saudi Arabia once in awhile though, so maybe I'm making a difference.

I also got one visitor from Iran a few days ago. I thought he was going to nuke me in the comments section for my anti-Ahmendijahidabad posts. That was scary.

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