Sunday, January 01, 2006

Shot in the Arm 

Palestinians alway appear keenly aware that their publicity jihad could use another shot in the arm:

Palestinians carry a youth wounded in the arm with a live bullet shot by Israeli soldiers during a military operation by the army in the nothern West Bank town of Jenin Friday Dec. 30, 2005. A Palestinian suicide bomber killed an Israeli army officer and two Palestinians in a suicide bomb attack Thursday in a checkpoint in the town of Tulkarem, also in the nothern West Bank.(AP photo/Mohammed Ballas)
Dude! Put me down, I can walk! I just got shot in the arm, not the kneecap!
Chill out and stop squirming or I'm gonna drop you.
Hey! Easy, owwww, you're hurting my arm!
That's it, keep yelling. The camera loves that anguished look. Can you turn your face a little more towards Mohammed?

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