Wednesday, February 01, 2006

People are Still Waiting for Fair Treatment 

When I supported the right, if not the wisdom, of the Israeli government to evict people from their homes, it was implicit that responsibility accompanied that right. It probably should have been a lot more explicit.

As we approach elections in which the leading party campaigns on the platform of that eviction, its leaders had better but some serious effort into fulfilling their responsibility before voters pass judgement at the polls. While there are many sides to argue about whether the Disengagement was wise, or what its long term impact will be, I can't imagine anyone would want anything but fair treatment for the heroic Israelis whose lives were uprooted by the move, nothing less than the fair treatment they were promised.

The government still has a ways to go.

ACTION, PLEASE by Moshe Saperstein, Jerusalem Gold Hotel

Time for action, friends. Two days ago we were informed by an Expulsion Authority worker that the promised repairs to our shanty - the protruding pipe that the lady fell over, and the sprinkler going directly into the air conditioner - would not be made. Today we were formally served with eviction papers stating that we have to leave the hotel in five days.

We are going to be fighting it at this end, but we need your help. Please send a fax and/or e-mail [fax is preferable as it clogs up their machines] to the following. I am including suggested text - don't fall down laughing -- but you can let `er rip as you see fit. And please send us a copy, BCC:ruchimo@netvision.net.il

Prime Minister's Office

SELA Administration

Fax# 972-2-5001141 or e-mail: sela25@sela.pmo.gov.il

We are outraged that Moshe and Rachel Saperstein, an elderly couple of Gush Katif refugees one of whom is a severely disabled veteran, are being forced to move into a building that has such serious structural defects as to be life-threatening. Equally outrageous is that when all others are given ten to fourteen days to move, you are demanding the Sapersteins move in five days which include Friday and Shabbat.

We will be expressing our displeasure to the nearest Israel Consulate, the United Jewish Communities fund-raising organization, and our local Jewish media.

Thank you, friends
While I can't personally vouch for the details, a little web searching supports the basic facts, and the information comes to me from a source I trust -- that sounds like MSM famous last words, but I'm a blogger so it's ok.

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