Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Palestinian Cabinet In Surprise Third Place Tie 

In a surprise result yesterday, the new Palestinian Cabinet took third place in this year's line dancing contest here at Bob's Country Bunker and Family Dance Parlor. Well technically, they didn't "take" third place, but actually finished in a tie.

The clear winners of course for a third straight year were Maori Six. Way to go boys:

But the battle for second was hotly contested amongst three dance acts, with the entire student body of Penn State University just nipping the next two acts at the wire:

Third place was where we had our first tie in four years, where Hartland Seniors and their Choo Choo Boogaloo came on strong at the finish to gain the third place tie, their best result since Old Elmer's arthritis got so bad:

But the big news was the great showing of the unexpected new entrants, all the way from the Middle East. Let's have a big Bob's Country Bunker hand for our co-third-place finishers, and a great bunch of guys, the new Palestinian Cabinet, and their rendition of the Hamas HokeyPoke:

(AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)
And weren't they good sports, ducking all those beer bottles without breaking rhythm?

Congratulations to all our fine contestants. Don't forget, Wednesday is Lady's Night, all drinks half price if you're wearing a bra -- yeah, guys can wear a bra too; we don't want to get sued.

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