Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Happy Anniversary 

No, not a blog anniversary, a real one. Today is our wedding anniversary. We actually get to leave our house and go to a restaurant to celebrate, can you believe it?

When people learn it is someone's wedding anniversary, they always want to know how many years. This is one of those numbers in life that I could believe almost any number would be the true number, except for the actual number itself, 13.

It can't possibly be 13 years.

I could easily believe we've been married forever already -- we know each other so well and can scarcely remember or even imagine a time when we weren't together. We've definitely become part of each other.

On the other hand, I could also believe it's a single year or less, that we're still newlyweds. We're still learning new things about each other and very much in love. Together we still feel fresh -- or at least we will feel fresh after a night out eating Indian food and engaging in adult conversation without having to demand someone else at the table take their feet out of their salad. And even without the Indian food and foot-free salad we still feel fresh-ish, which is pretty good too.

Married forever yet still newlyweds, that I can believe. But 13 years?

Happy anniversay Sharon! (And no, this blog post in your honor is not an anniversary gift.)

UPDATE: The food was great and the conversation was wonderful too. Kohinoor's Indian restaurant in Jerusalem. The daal and chicken Korma were excellent. And our evening out of the house featured conversation like this:

"So I (Sharon) was driving Rachel (9) and Tamar (7) and they were talking in the back. Rachel asked Tamar where she wanted to live when she grows up, and Tamar answered that she wanted to live in Ima and Abba's house. But she said she'd have to do shiputzim first (fix it up). And then Rachel announced that she wanted to live in Ein Gedi -- because they have good cous cous there."

We talked a little about other things too though, don't worry.

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