Thursday, June 29, 2006

Watch myself, a timely meme 

A meme, courtest of Soccer Dad: What watch do I wear?

Aha! That's such a trick question!

I don't wear a watch. Why should I? I've tried, many times in fact. I've probably lost, broken, worn out or had stolen as many as 20 watches in my life, the majority within about one month of their purchase. That's a lot of money. It's a lot of time wasted traipsing to Target's Timex counter. And for what?

Why should I have to wear a watch when I carry a cell phone that tells the time? Why should I wear a watch when I work at a computer almost every waking hour of my day, and can have the time displayed from an atomic clock accurate to the nearest femto-second whenever I want? No. I don't wear a watch anymore.

Except Shabbat is a little tricky, when I don't use computers or cellphones. Maybe I should get a Shabbat watch. At least if it only lasted for 30 days, it would take about 7 months for those 30 Shabbats to pass.

Or maybe I'll learn to reckon time directly from the position of the Sun, the Moon, or the stars. I might manage not to break that.

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