Friday, August 19, 2005

Al-Ahram Notices No Chinese Jihad 

Another article worthy of attention in Al-Ahram, this time for what I think is a postive reason. Abdel-Moneim Said takes note that other groups faced with challenges have not taken the "path of Jihad":

Similar things happened to the Arab and Muslim worlds, though nothing as extreme as opium and slavery. And yet the Chinese did not kill people in London. Instead they went about acquiring the elements of strength needed in a modern world. Their reaction to the West was a far cry from ours. They didn't go about killing Westerners -- let alone compatriots and brothers in faith -- in the name of resistance.
While it's possible other Arabs will read his words and a sea change will begin, it's also possible he'll be jailed and this article scrubbed from the books. I know which to hope for, and which to expect.

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