Friday, October 28, 2005

New UNRWA Articles 

Arlene Kushner has done a lot of great work shining light into UNRWA's darkest corners (hint: most of the corners are dark and it's almost all corners). Now she has an op-ed in this weekend's Jerusalem Post asking why UNRWA even exists.

She's also published a new article in Azure magazine showing in detail how UNRWA merely perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem rather than solving it as the UNHCR does for every other refugee group in the world:

UNRWA has failed the Palestinian refugees. This failure is the product of half a century of overwhelming politicization of a humanitarian effort. Fortunately, another UN agency exists to deal with the problem of refugees, one with a successful record of resolving their problems around the world. Those nations interested in finding a genuine, viable solution to the Palestinian refugee problem–a sine qua non for peace in the Middle East–should be encouraged to support the end of UNRWA’s regime and the application of the policies of the UNHCR to the Palestinian refugee issue.
Arlene Kushner is the author of "Disclosed: Inside the Palestinian Authority and the PLO" (Pavilion, 2004), has written reports on UNRWA for the Center for Near East Research, and is the grandmother of three beautiful little girls who happen to live in my house. Great work, Savta!

If you really, really liked this -- or even really, really hated it -- there's lots more: