Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Democratic Alternative 

The great Islamic lovers of liberty, Hamas, are offering Israel lessons in Democracy:

'Hamas officials are the representatives of the Palestinian nation, and Israel must recognize the new reality,' Dr. Abed al-Aziz Duaik, a Hamas moderate slated to head the new Palestinian Legislative Council said Wednesday. Duaik, who will be sworn in Saturday, told Israel Radio that Israeli threats to impose what he terms an 'economic embargo' on the Palestinian Authority are undemocratic.
Ok. So let's get this straight. Israel refuses to fund an entity sworn to the eternal pursuit of it's elimination, and this is considered undemocratic -- some sort of International Right to the Free Pursuit of Genocide I've never heard of? But when the suicide bombers of Hamas declare they will never ever ever ever... ever agree to even recognize it's neighbor's right to exist, this is the height of democracy.

How long do they think Israel and the world will sit still for just half a democracy lesson? Yeah, probably right.

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