Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blog Linktacular 

Boker tov, Boulder has come across an almost impossible-to-solve riddle:

What if a group of families from Kenya moved to the Gaza Strip and started an agricultural settlement. Would Kofi Anan say that they have to leave because they are not Arab, or could they stay because they are not Jews?
World Girl Rants is mostly back after a bit of a hiatus, and has some very informative work definitions to share with us:

The Penske File
Definition: A notebook or file folder you carry around to make it look like you are on the way to a meeting, when really you are going to your friend's office to hang out.
Go take a look, maybe share some of your own. And be sure to encourage her not to do the hiatus-thing again.

Then there is this one via The House of Wheels as summarized by Jawa Report:

Short version: Liberal TV producer asks soldiers to stand behind General. Liberal TV host asks General if situation isn't safe given that General needs soldiers standing behind him to protect him. General gets pissed.
House of Wheels points out how this is just another example of stage-managed pseudo-news.

Scott explains a little bit of how juggling affects him and why he so looks forward to juggling conventions:

Also, I got really sore in a few weird places. I'm used to the fact that the bottoms of my feet always ache since I'm not used to being on my feet all day. The unusual pain I had this year was under my arms from all the rubbing as I juggled. Another annoying thing was that the skin on my fingertips got dry and cracked from moving through the air so much. And the cracks bled a lot when bumped by clubs. Oh, the bumps! I got lots of bangs with my new heavy one-piece clubs: on my fingers and bones in my hand, on the head and face, and on the toes. Ouch!
I'm almost tempted to start juggling seriously myself. Almost.

Israellycool is running a caption contest on a picture that looks like it could be a poster for the Sexual Harrassment Prevention Institute.

Trouble finding your keys? Apparently Daled Amos knows the trick to solving that problem, but as a public service he's not sharing the details of exactly how it works.

Regina Clare Jane has a post that will make you want to call your mother. I know I wish I could.

Soccer Dad follows the Saudi money trail all the way to the Palestinians and surprisingly, with a little help from the Elder, discovers the trail isn't so big as they'd have you believe. The bad news is there are other, bigger money trails.

3500 content-rich posts in 2 years! That can only be the bloggiversary of one unique Random Thinker.

Meryl Yourish has the story of eight ancient "new" species recently discovered in million-year-old caves not far from the town where I live. I was going to post on this, but Meryl covered it so well I can't bring myself to say anything except: read her version.

Ezzy described his sleep-deprivation habits and I flashed back to my younger college days. If only I'd had a blog back then, when I was able to survive on three hours a night. Instead, I just sat around with my friends eating 3am pizza, not doing homework and not studying for finals. Those were the days.

Crossing the Rubicon2 has the scoop, with a hat tip to the nation of Syria, on Israel's discovery of a time machine, just so we can embroil the world in more and bigger wars!

Wild Thing blogs about the back alley interview with a big wig Hamas enforcer who happens to be the official security chief of their new terrorist government. I was inspired to contribute just a little bit to the photo accompanying her post:

Isaac Schrodinger quotes part of an immensely sensible interview and adds his own usual good sense to boot.

Ok, that's all for tonight. Go make your Shavuot cheesecake.

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