Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Petitions I Hope You Didn't Sign 

The first petition, courtesy of Jeremayakovka, is to support PTRF:

Who wouldn't sign a petition like that? Making the beauty of the rain forest accessible to all AND providing jobs -- fantastic work. I feel myself wanting to sign. Someone, please stop me!

The second, which you also probably shouldn't sign, but you might be tempted to, is the Petition to End Woman's Suffrage, an important cause with a growing cadre of highly educated supporters:

And with these two video links, my blog -- the very last blog in all of human history not to have provided video links -- finally enters the modern age. What's next, podcasting fake game shows, top ten lists and vomit stories? I need to figure out which way to go from here.

If you really, really liked this -- or even really, really hated it -- there's lots more: