Sunday, July 17, 2005

You're Taking Blogging Too Seriously If... 

  1. You evaluate the likelihood of new acqaintances ever finding and reading your blog, in case you might want to post your take on the outrageous things they'll someday say [don't worry friends, *I* don't do that, I'm just guessing that it happens].
  2. You can type your blog's url faster than your own name, and compose a valid link tag in your sleep.
  3. You consider "Fisking" a section of commentary that troubles you in the Stone Chumash (popular volume of Torah and commentary).
  4. You put more time and effort into managing your blogroll than your phonelist.
  5. You secretly consider a garbage strike on your street to be good news since you've been looking for a theme to blog about your local government
  6. You use the "babysitter" explanation to excuse yourself from a party at 11:30 pm so you can rush home and sneak in a "light blogging today" pseudo-post before midnight to keep your consecutive-days streak alive.
  7. You find yourself frequently confusing non-blogging relatives who think MSM is a food additive and pajamas media refers to Hugh Heffner's empire.
  8. You're more likely to color-coordinate your style sheet than your clothes.
  9. You scrounge through your food cabinet looking for misleading package labels to critique.
  10. Your mind wanders while watching "The Heffalump Movie" with your kids, wondering whether or not it's bloggable.
I'm so glad this doesn't describe me, but if you see yourself here, please, seek help.
[ADDED: #11: You feel compelled to add to your post, welcoming the DovBear readers you notice stopping by. Thanks for visiting.]
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