Monday, September 05, 2005

If you are a letter writer 

Gates of Vienna has a good one for you to write. Al-Reuters, not surprisingly, has gone off the deep-end in the cesspools of Louisiana:

New Orleans collects dead as officials dodge blame
By Mark Egan

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) -- New Orleans began the gruesome task of collecting its thousands of dead on Sunday as the Bush administration tried to save face after its botched rescue plans left the city at the mercy of Hurricane Katrina.
You've probably seen that one, but Dymphna points out the same reporter in the same article manages two more gratuitous acts of character assassination:

The writer, Mark Egan, goes on to “report” that Donald Rumsfeld toured the scene and shook hands with the doctors and not the victims. As I mentioned in my email and in the post here, he would have been unwise to come into physical contact with anyone who has been exposed to the contaminated and extremely poisonous cesspool of Katrina’s aftermath.
and he even manages to cast aspersions on Condaleeza Rice, who is in no way connected with domestic disaster recovery, and wasn't even in New Orleans:

Rice was slammed by critics on the Internet after she attended a New York performance of the Monty Python musical “Spamalot” on Wednesday, a day after New Orleans flooded.
Yes, we may just be a buzzing little swarm of blogger bees, but enough bees can move the picnic.

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