Sunday, January 01, 2006

Holy Toledo! The Hong Kong Trick in the Holy Land? 

Well, I've read it but I'm still not sure exactly who Meron Benvenisti in Haaretz believes the Labor Party's Hong Kong Trick is supposed to fool:

There is no doubt that the writers of the Labor Party's platform have found a refreshing innovativeness in adding a new concept to the overburdened dictionary of the Israeli occupation: 'the Hong Kong paradigm.' The idea of leasing the Jewish settlement blocs from the Palestinians - the way Britain leased certain territories from China (in 1898) for 99 years (and not Hong Kong itself, which was a crown colony since 1841) - is a particularly successful idea: It is impossible to give any more fitting expression to the colonialist nature of the annexation of parts of the West than the example of the takeover by the British Empire (and with it France, Germany and Japan) of parts of the hapless Chinese Empire.
There is no doubt then that the writers of the Labor Party's platform have found a refreshingly innovative new way to delude themselves, living in denial of what happens in year 100 of that brilliant Hong Kong lease plan. If their goal is to trick the rest of Israel into handing over the land, just not today, they should instead focus on the old Bugs Bunny Trick. You know, the old Shoot-him-now-Shoot-me-later-Shoot-him-now-Shoot-him-later-Shoot-me-NOW-kaBLAM trick.

At least that one is funny and you don't have to wait 99 years to realize you're going to get your beak blown off.

These guys are serious, just read the rest of the article if you can and you'll see. Totally, mind-numbingly serious.

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