Friday, August 04, 2006

The Council Has Spoken 

As I explained last week, the main activity of the Wathcer's Council is nominating and voting on the web's outstanding posts each week. The nominations are divided into two categories: posts written by Council members, and, separately, top posts gathered from anywhere on the web. This week's results are in:

The winning post among members of the council was written by some guy named AbbaGav and was called They're Not What You've Been Told, They're Our Neighbors' Kids.

Second place was an amazing three way tie:
The winning non-Council post was Treppenwitz's piece, A Difficult Lesson, a post I called "must read" when I first linked to it, and I can only re-emphasize that now.

Second place went to Patterico's Pontifications for his hilarious yet on-target musings about what could be mystifying the editors at the LA Times: L.A. Times Editors: "We Just Can't Solve the Mystery of Why that Muslim Guy Shot All Those Jews".

If you've written a particularly strong post you'd like to have considered for next week's vote, the process for submitting it for nomination can be found here.

In other Council news, another open seat on the council just became available this week. If you'd like to be considered for the position -- and I recommend it -- check the Watcher's site for details on how you can apply for the vacant seat.

If you really, really liked this -- or even really, really hated it -- there's lots more: