Sunday, November 20, 2005

Must read: "Where the WMDs Went" 

Among too many highlights to quote them all, the Front Page Magazine Interview with Weapons Inspector, Bill Tierney includes this:

On the post-war weapons hunt, the arrogance and hubris of the intelligence community is such that they can't entertain the possibility that they just failed to find the weapons because the Iraqis did a good job cleaning up prior to their arrival. This reminds me of the police chief who announced on television plans to raid a secret drug factor on the outskirts of town. At the time appointed, the police, all twelve of them, lined up behind each other at the front door, knocked and waiting for the druggies to answer, as protocol required. After ten minute of toilet flushing and back-door slamming, somebody came to the front door in a bathrobe and explained he had been in the shower. The police took his story at face value, even though his was dry as a bone, then police proceeded to inspect the premises ensuring that the legal, moral , ethnic, human, and animal rights, and also the national dignity, of the druggies was preserved. After a search, the police chief announced THERE WERE NO STOCKPILES of drugs at the inspected site. Anyone care to move to this city?
In the rest of the interview, he backs it up. Not only was the WMD issue not a lie (and not the sole reason for the invasion), it might not even have been wrong as so many have already concluded.

Hat tip to James Lileks for pointing the way.

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