Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Superficial on Brittany's Sex Mitzvah 

There have been a lot of totally over-the-top bar- and bat-mitzvah stories recently. But The Superficial takes the cake in this category:

A lot of people think that 15% is a pretty decent tip. Some say 20%, some 25%. But some people think the only appropriate way to tip your waiter is with sex. Apparently Brittany Murphy is one of these people. She has been dropped by her manager and agents at ICM, and a bunch of rumors have been floating around including a gossip item on E!online which implied that Murphy had had sex with a waiter at an industry bar mitzvah.
Now I'm not Jewish, and have no idea how bar mitzvah's are supposed to work, but if there's any truth to the above story I'm seriously thinking of converting. Most of my Catholic ceremonies growing up were sixty-minutes of prayer followed by three hours in the church basement running from a man who said he had to sacrifice my clothes to the Lord. This whole judaism thing seems much better. If Brittany gets this kinky at a bar mitzvah, god only knows what she'd do at a bris.
Ok. Just thought you should know.

Tomorrow we'll be turning the sleaze factor on this blog back down to 10. I'm starting to miss posts about tax rates and French immigration policy.

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