Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Funny Farm 

Here's a quick round up of some snort-worthy posts from the JBlog-Sphere, or related to it, or at least from blogs I read. I'll provide some excerpts; all you have to do is click the link to laugh at the rest.

We'll start with the Onion's article explaining the new Hamas solution to the Israel problem:

RAMALLAH, WEST BANK: After his militant Islamic party took the majority in Palestine's recent elections, Ismail Haniyeh called for a "giant summit with all living Israelis" Monday, rekindling international hopes for peace in the war-torn region.

Haniyeh characterized the one-day summit as "the final solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute," and invited every Jewish citizen of the world to attend. Haniyeh said he expects more than 5 million participants from Israel alone.

"It was foolish of us to think that a satisfactory resolution could be reached through small-scale aggression," Haniyeh said. "It will take more than the sporadic deaths of small groups of Israeli civilians to achieve our ends."
IMAO briefly reports on the moving celebration of the Palestinian skater at the Winter Olympics:

Mohammed el Zindimbulb of Palestine celebrates after winning the gold medal in the men's 666-metre speed skating event by ...
Iowahawk is back. What more need be said when there is comedy to be read:

Green Bay, WI - Like a pot of bratwurst left unattended at a Lambeau Field pregame party, simmering tensions in the strife-torn Midwest boiled over once again today as rioting mobs of green-and-gold clad youth and plump farm wives rampaged through Wisconsin Denny’s and IHOPs, burning Texas toast and demanding apologies and extra half-and-half.

Cartoon that shocked Midwest The spark igniting the latest tailgate hibachi of unrest: a Texas newsletter's publication of caricatures of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.
Van at Kesher Talk has found a Jewish cartton protest:

Asserting that "those imams are on to something," a radical fringe of Orthodox rabbis rampaged through Brooklyn demanding that married female cartoon characters observe "tohorat ha-mishpacha," These Jewish laws of family purity make couples refrain from sex during a woman's period and a week afterward.
And finally, an interesting point I noticed today: some people assume that conservatives and other right-leaning bloggers will only pick on the left or Islam or both. I offer the following great posts to show that when a target on the right is dumb enough to stick it's head up, it too will be shot down:

First up, raving right winger Buckley F. Williams and a sampling of his Top 9 Reasons Dick Cheney Shot His Hunting Partner:

3. He hadn't bagged his limit.
2. To bolster his sagging "street cred" ratings.
1. To show Muslim extremists that they don't have the market on crazy cornered just yet.
And then there is Potfry. This guy is dangerously funny. If you want to clear your sinuses with a carbonated beverage, check out his Dick Cheney post:

A video made of this weekend’s hunting trip in which Vice President Dick Cheney shot fellow hunter Harry Whittington shows the ever-practical Vice President felt the best course of action would be to euthanize his 78 year old fellow hunter.

The tape was shot by a VP staffer who records all of Cheney’s hunting trips. The video is edited into a compilation reel called "When Dick Strikes," which the Vice President likes to show at family Christmas gatherings.
Read the rest, it's not optional.

Feel free to send me some funny stuff. If I get enough funny stuff, I'll keep doing these. And if what you send me doesn't get included, then send more.

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