Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Great Response 

Jihad Watch has an amazingly paranoid rant from the Muslim Public Affairs Council of the United Kingdom (MPACUK) in which the Zionist machine, and Zionist bloggers in particular, are identified as "the most powerful enemies Muslims have faced in a thousand years." The whole thing is so ridiculous you really should read it yourself to believe it, but a few choice excerpts include:

MPACUK has always said that individual Zionists may harm Muslims, but in reality, any major attack on a Muslim group or leader is co-ordinated, even if it seems like it's coming from an individual. The attack on Ken Livingstone [so Red Ken really is a Muslim leader? ---gav.] for example has all the hallmarks of a planned and co-ordinated attack. It may have taken months if not years to plan and organise, the public may have seen a furore around him then, but you can bet your bottom dollar that was the tip of the ice berg.

Zionist Blogs too, are too well researched and co-ordinated to be the work of individuals.
That's news to me. Does this mean I get an assistant to maybe take over doing my top-ten lists for me? I'd really like them to reach the level of being too well researched and co-ordinated, but I just haven't had time. Also, I hope the Zionist machine will accept my apologies for not having held up my part of the effort so far, but I promise to be better researched and too well coordinated in the future, once that help arrives.

No part time nut could watch every minute for any slip by a Muslim group as vigilantly as they do. Most probably they are part of a well funded central network. They are another weapon in the growing armoury of the Zionist machine that is deployed against Muslims.
Hey! You mean the Zionist machine is really well funded? So why isn't this squeaky wheel over here getting any grease?

No, my responses here are just teeny little jokes, just further evidence that I do not yet truly merit the distinction of being considered part of that all powerful Zionist machine. Maybe someday. In the meantime, I'll leave you with the excellent response of Jihad Watch commenter Caroline:

“an onslaught”
“an all out campaign to have him sacked from his job”
“organised and well funded”
“an alert around the world.”
“launched a world wide campaign to have him sacked.”
“any major attack….is co-ordinated, even if it seems like it's coming from an individual.”
“It may have taken months if not years to plan and organize”
“part of a well funded central network”
” used to frighten, smear and intimidate”
“This is how quickly they can mobilise given even the slightest scent of blood.”
“Call after call from prominent … organisations demanded meetings ….'discuss the incident'.””
“Now stop and reflect for just a minute. xxxxxxx were able to mobilise from around the world to attack ……. within 24 hours.”

And this is their description of and response to a simple blog post by a blogger who got a death threat by one of them and bothered to take the time to find out who was threatening him?

Wow !

And this from those with a history of :

-using our laws to silence their critics by sacking them with huge law suits which take months if not years to play out
-spreading literally billions of dollars over decades throughout the west to buy off just about everyone
-mobilizing Muslims worldwide to embark on violent riots which result in the deaths of innocent bystanders (cartoons, e.g.)
--mobilizing even local Muslims through cell phones to go on local gang rampages smashing and burning everything in sight in response to perceived insults (France, Australia)
- slowly and patiently planning and coordinating over a period of decades infiltration into the west’s every institution from local schools to intelligence services
-maintaining ongoing life-long death threats (fatwas) against those who have offended them, causing those targeted to live in fear for the rest of their lives


Or so far beyond the normal bounds of what one could normally pass off as projection (in terms of the denial and double-standards involved) as to cross the line into the realm of outright INSANITY?
Someone get that lady her own Zionist blog and plug her into the Zionist machine, pronto! And fund and coordinate her right away!

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