Sunday, June 04, 2006

Haveil Havalim 72 and Other Stuff to Do 

After devouring your Shavuot cheesecake -- in a long sequence of wafer-thin, diet-conscious slices of course -- I hope you've all left a little room in your brains for some extra reading material. This week's Haveil Havalim is once more hosted by Jack, and that means you can count on a cornucopia of tasty links to sample.

If that isn't enough, I have another entertaining diversion to offer that you may not have tried yet: Laurence Simon's 100 word story challenge. Each week Laurence solicits contributions, each story 100 words long, and posts them in the form of an audio link where each author reads his or her own work -- unless an author is shy in which case a rather perverted midget slave is enlisted to give it the old chipmunk try instead.

While the story challenge is a bit of a contest and includes a vote for the story you enjoyedmost, I hope those of you who try it will really listen to the stories and vote for whichever you enjoyed and not simply treat it as a popularity contest -- i.e. please don't just go there and vote for me without giving all the stories a listen first...THEN you can vote for me (but only if mine is really your favorite).

I do hope you'll give the challenge a listen and maybe even try some of Laurence's own 100 word stories as well, because it's just a very clever and entertaining idea that's worth knowing about for that odd five minute interval when you've nothing better to do than get yourself entertained 100 words at a time. Or even better, maybe you'll take Laurence's challenge for next week and write your own 100 word tale about graduation; I'd love to hear it.

If you really, really liked this -- or even really, really hated it -- there's lots more: