Monday, June 19, 2006

Haveil Havalim #74, Hear Blue Diary Roar 

Blue Enclave of Blue Diary has done the lion's share of the work, and all that's left now for us to do is read the great links in this week's Jewish Blog roundup, Haveil Havalim #74.

Hopefully something you read there will inspire you to great blogging heights, and you'll send me a link to your best work for this upcoming week. That's right, our Blog-Carnival-Father, Soccer Dad has given me the green light to take another mighty swing at knocking one out of the park. And like Dave Kingman, I'm truly convinced that this time, when I cover Haveil Havalim #75, I'm really going to hit a homerun. Or strikeout trying. So give me your best pitch and let's see what happens.

And don't worry, I'll ditch the gratuitous lion and baseball metaphors before then. I don't know what came over me.

If you really, really liked this -- or even really, really hated it -- there's lots more: